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save a reef from climate change

your own personal coral reef connects you to the ocean -- think farmville for reefs

Reef Keeper is our flagship and our dream. A rockstar partnership between Sense of Wonder, leading researchers in design based learning (DBL) at Indiana University, and two of the most beautiful, sustainable, and educational STEM learning environments in the US — the California Academy of Sciences and the Monterey Bay Aquarium — Reef Keeper is an immersive VR coral reef sim experience integrated with mobile take-home extensions to teach a wide variety of ocean-situated subjects including ecosystems, ocean physics, chemistry, and climate science.

Centered around a cloud-based simulation of the ocean and coral reef, technologically Reef Keeper extends to endless modern platforms using our Foundation Server.

Prospective future partner sites interested in Reef Keeper include the Monterey Bay Aquarium, American Museum of Natural History, and more. We aim to link the best learning sites around the country with location- based gameplay that brings the reef onto a player’s phone.

Status: seeking funding
  • Synopsis

    Reef Keeper is a mobile VR reef-tending game that has fully immersive VR experiences dovetailed with lightweight "in the elevator" management experiences. It is a holistic social virtual world centered around an ocean simulation built with advisement by oceanographers and marine biologists. Partnerships will bring it to museums and aquariums for unique location-based content that draws our playerbase into these amazing STEM environments. It's the pure fun of Farmville or SimCity joined with cutting edge marine biology science.
  • Leverage point

    When young people play games, they are deeply engaged; when they create using technology, they are changed forever. Reef Keeper is a maker-space that gives ownership of a personal reef to the player. By changing ocean conditions and observing the effects on the life contained in their reef, players experientially learn how these delicate complex systems work and are engaged in STEM and conservation.
  • Budget

    We are seeking $200,000 to fund a launchable MVP for mobile. Separate development and funding approaches are available upon request, focusing on VR, museum-facing, and public mobile arms of the project. Reef Keeper is costed in three tiers due to its multi-platform nature. We can deliver a core product on mobile with reef sim and educational content; at $500k we include a museum installation VR environment; full commercial version at $2m.