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Fact or Not

Swipe your way to victory in a world of rampaging fake news.

Status: In Development
  • What?

    Fact or Not makes facts irresistible. It's kinetic trivia: swipe right if it's a fact, swipe left if it's not. With a content tool that makes generating new quizlets easy and fast, Fact or Not is ready to be filled with the stuff you think everyone should know. Customizable with images and links, Fact or Not is partner-ready too: launch a quizlet with us and you have an addictive app ready for your customers in minutes.
  • Why?

    It's 2017 and the (dis-)information age is hitting critical mass. Everyday people are saturated with information, but almost all of it is biased. We made Fact or Not to lower the barrier to consuming facts, and to make trivia that was a heck of a lot more fun than clicking bubbles on a quiz. Powered by the Foundation Engine, Fact or Not is also ready for online play and equipped with leaderboards and user generated content tools, so players can create their own quizlets.
  • When?

    We're just about ready to launch Fact or Not, but we're exploring relationships with partners who also share our mission to make fact-based thinking spread far and wide. If you think this describes you, drop us a line!