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Snow Day

Snow Day was our first game, released in 2015 for iOS. It’s a simple free-to-play game that lets you ski with your friends. It isn’t what we’d call “smart fun”, but it is pretty delightful, and it took our new-at-the-time technology for a spin. Are you ready for the pitch? Brace yourself…

Snow Day is the most exciting downhill skiing game for iOS!

In this Epic Snow Day, ski your way to nirvana with friends or solo in the best downhill skiing game for mobile devices. Tilt to turn and tap to jump, navigating your way over thirty original levels. Connect via Facebook and challenge your friends to thrilling downhill races. Collect snowflakes to unlock exciting powerups.

Play for free on iOS: download here.

Features include:

  • play online through Facebook Connect or GameCenter
  • single-player mode with dozens of handmade levels
  • accelerometer controls & single-tap obstacle jumping
  • create your own levels with a custom level editor
  • share levels with friends
  • earn lift tickets from friends & unlock new mountains
  • optimized for iPhones 3-6+
  • Android-ready (Unity-based)
  • send gifts to friends & challenge them to races
  • use power-ups to freeze your opponent, slow them down, or rocket boost yourself!
  • earn and purchase custom avatars (you know you want the penguin)


    Snow Day: Fraction Mountain could be coming soon

What is Fraction Mountain?

Snow Day: Fraction Mountain is the mod to the commercial version of Snow Day that we’ve got on the back burner. It uses the same downhill skiing accelerometer and multiplayer mechanics, but instead of collecting coins, you’re collecting fractions. The fractions will be shown in several different formats, and goals will vary between levels, encouraging players to manipulate the fundamental notion of what a fraction is through different exposures and representations. By experiencing how collecting a 1/8 modifies your existing 1/4, and brings you close to your goal of a whole number, we hope to provide a delightful alternative to fraction drilling that gives players an intuitive understanding of how ratios and proportions work. If you’d like to see it happen, drop us a line.

Want to learn more?

Check out our press page to learn more.

Snow Day's fast-paced two-player mode pits you against your friends.

Fast-paced two-player mode pits you against your friends.

Earn and use power-ups to speed up, grab coins, or freeze your opponents.

Earn and use power-ups to speed up, grab coins, or freeze your opponents.

Status: Launched