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an app to teach typing early

Kids love tablets, and Alphabet Rescue lets them get a jump on their typing skills while practicing letters and reading.

Many great games teach letter identification and word construction, but Alphabet Rescue adds the qwerty keyboard to give kids a crucial early familiarity with touch typing. New standardized test protocols require kids to use computers for school tests by 2nd grade, shifting the need for typing instruction into the first grade or even kindergarten. Little fingers don’t like big keyboards — kids 4-7 don’t play on computers voluntarily — but they love iPads and iPhones.

Download Alphabet Rescue for iOS devices on the App Store — educational discounts available!

Alphabet Rescue teaches early reading (with word progressions based on Journal of Educational Research lists of the most important 850 words for grades 1-3) in an intuitive and compelling way, and sets a foundation for computer literacy with its delightful typing mode. Optimized for iPhones 4-6+ and iPad. If you’d like an Android version, let us know!

Status: launched